God particle, my patoot

Scientists feel that they have located the Higgs boson, or something very much like it, finally culminating a forty-year search for the elusive particle. It has great importance because it is one of the postulated underpinnings of particle physics. With the Higgs boson in sight, much else about particle physics become clearer.

Proponents of god, postulated but still not proven after 4,000 years or more, have rushed to call this tiny entity the “God Particle.” Why should we be surprised. Although the children of god (and I do mean children) ignore science and all it stands for the vast bulk of the time, they apparently don’t want to be left out of any big story.

Therefore, they have done everything they can to associate their putative, unproven god with this actual, now-proven particle. I suppose no one should be surprised; logic is certainly not the strong point of religious faith. Clearly, though, spin is. But what else would one expect of such accomplished mythmakers?

We can always count on the godly “scientists” for a laugh.


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