Survey- What do you want to see on the Eloquent Atheist?

The editors of the Eloquent Atheist want to provide our readers with the specific content that you want to see. Help us do that by filling out this short survey, selecting the genres you want to see and the type of content you want to read or see. Clearly, the more information that you give us, the better this site will serve you. Please tell us what you want! We will publish results in a couple of weeks, and edit future site content accordingly.

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About Michael W. Jones

Michael has been an Atheist since an epiphany in a Baptist church at age 12, was a Unitarian until they became a christian denomination, spent most of his life developing software, and is now earning almost no living at all as a writer. :) He lives in Williams Township, PA and is contemplating what's next after Tucker the Weird Dawg. Michael is a co-founder and the managing editor of The Eloquent Atheist on-line magazine.


Survey- What do you want to see on the Eloquent Atheist? — 2 Comments

  1. Michael, you have to eat and survive just as the rest of us do. So I know that you must look for work. However, this unique forum is vital. I believe it plays a vital function in our culture if folks knew about it. (I hope they do or that the audience grows and grows.) As a fan of Critchley, Zizek, and Chesterton this platform is wonderful, needed.

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