Last Night’s Dream

Never happened.
No loaves of bread
….turned into floating men
….or mountains of stone.

No lights blinked on
….and off, turned into roses
….and bloomed off center.

The cat didn’t tell me
….the secrets of life
….and her claws
….didn’t shine in the dark.

If I never went to sleep
….I couldn’t wake up
….to your song or his song
….or any damn song
….at all, so stop

About Barbra Nightingale

Barbra Nightingale is the author of four chapbooks (Prelude to a Woman, Lovers Never Die, Lunar Equations, and Greatest Hits 1980-2000). Her first major collection, Singing in the Key of L won the 1999 Stevens Manuscript Prize and was published by the NFSPS. Her collection, Geometry of Dreams is forthcoming with Word Tech Communications in 2009. Her newest collection, Spells for an Inky Heart is making the rounds, and she just finished her first work of non-fiction, My Year of Ex-Husband and Other Strangers: A Memoir. She teaches literature and creative writing at Broward Community College near Ft. Lauderdale.

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