Can Can God Create an Object He Cannot Lift?

(Omnipotence Paradox)

Go ask the Big Guy,
the one eternally
knees bent, arms flexed
beyond the galaxies.
Sweating since the Big Bang,
which he categorically rejects.

Still cursing the stone,
(misbegotten egg!)
and pondering in His Omniscience,
which came first:
this Goddamn stone
I cannot lift,
or the chicken head
who brought it to existence?

About Gary Kay

Gary Kay was born in Winnipeg, Canada, where he taught Englsh at a high school for five years. He relocated to Florida, and has been teaching reading and English at Broward Community College for the past 24 years. His poems have been published in Canadian Verse II, South Florida Poetry Review, Litchfield Review, California Literary Quarterly, Animus, and several others.


Can Can God Create an Object He Cannot Lift? — 4 Comments

  1. You obvious are unfamiliar with the new trinity math being rolled out to combat rampant secular mathematics. 1 is 3 and 3 is 1… unless 1 is 1. Look it up- a guy prepared a trinity math table as a joke.

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