How do you describe nothing?
With difficulty, I imagine,
with a lack of power, conviction,
no steady rock describing God motivations to stand fast upon.
No mad lantern glow to bask in,
to let the fires of enlightened
insanity draw you in like a moth.

No, it’s being defined by the
contradiction: a world of yes
resting on a pedestal of no,
sinking further and deeper down
like warm ice cream,
the whole universe a sticky mess
gumming up your fingers, and it’s
something you’d rather go without,
again a non-consideration,
an empathy ensnared by a lack,
founded in apathy and
strengthened in luxury,
tempered by non-actions,
wielded by the lazy on the
battlefield of peace.
Added up, sum to total, add sales tax,
carry the two, and arrive at the zero
I sometimes feel.

About Brent Meske

Brent currently teaches English outside Seoul, South Korea, and writes when not sightseeing or correcting Koreans on their terrible grammar. His writing has appeared in Crimson Highway, and a small poetry publication Love's Chance Magazine.

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