The Real Humanists

truly cultured
real humanists
always consider
the magnificence of the
human personality

they do not begin sweating
and twitching
when encountering an
unfriendly waitress
bad driving

real humanists
not to moan 
man’s trifles
they breathe in
and out
filtering out
what’s insignificant
remaining serene

cultured people
real humanists
empathize with
people in gutters
and crack houses

they account for
variance in the human
the lovely or vile
struggles of
actual people
this is real

I assume these people
are out there

About Ānanda Selah Ősel

Ananda Selah Osel is an avant-garde poet (in content not form) and non-fiction writer based in Olympia, Washington. His work has appeared in various domestic and international magazines. Ananda has done intense studies of Hinayana Buddhism and has also studied the philosophies of atheism and nihilism although he considers himself a rationalist. Ananda is the co-founder of the now defunct Activism for Humanity, and former president of the student groups Moslem Student Movement and the American Black Student Association. Currently Ananda is working towards a degree in contemplative psychoanalysis. He is the founding editor of The CommonLine Project. The Project is based out of Seattle / Olympia, Washington, and publishes interviews, poetry, non-fiction and social comment.


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