Alone With All of You

She explained it to me this way:
god put the world together
and afterwards added men
then women from dust
filled both with blood, organs
and put souls inside
among veins, tissues,
water – seventy five percent I’m told –
and after all that humans were complete
ready to be judged by their creator
invisible as she may be

I have seen many things
become full

the cemeteries are brimming
the insane asylums
the hospitals
the women’s shelters
the men’s shelters
the youth shelters
wars fill the earth
the prisons are filled
the bellies of Americans are
the landfills are all at

and I have come to realize that
this is the only singular fate humanity
will ever know

everything fills up
but nothing else does

About Ānanda Selah Ősel

Ananda Selah Osel is an avant-garde poet (in content not form) and non-fiction writer based in Olympia, Washington. His work has appeared in various domestic and international magazines. Ananda has done intense studies of Hinayana Buddhism and has also studied the philosophies of atheism and nihilism although he considers himself a rationalist. Ananda is the co-founder of the now defunct Activism for Humanity, and former president of the student groups Moslem Student Movement and the American Black Student Association. Currently Ananda is working towards a degree in contemplative psychoanalysis. He is the founding editor of The CommonLine Project. The Project is based out of Seattle / Olympia, Washington, and publishes interviews, poetry, non-fiction and social comment.

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