A Plane Day

For me, most days are sky days, but some days are plane days. Today was a plane day. There was an overcast with bands of rain scattered around, so I gave my bird a bath by flying through several of them. But mainly, I just communed with her, flying nowhere, listening to the steady drone of her engine, and, well, just being alone in the sky.

Like the mountain climber sitting atop a peak, surveying the landscape spread below, I feel the peace of solitude, yet I am in intimate community with the Cosmos surrounding me. I slide the canopy back several inches to let a mist of rain in, and smell the cool, moist air. That night in bed, I weep for the groundlings.

About Harvey H. Madison

Harvey Madison is a lifetime resident of West Texas, and was raised in the Southern Baptist Church. He has a B.A. in Psychology, and a Master of education. While earning his living as a photographer and photography educator, Madison is an activist in the areas of civil liberties and education. In 1989 he started the Center for Critical Thinking. He has served on the Texas state board of Common Cause, and has been on the chapter board of the American Civil Liberties Union, serving as its president for fourteen years. He attends and is past president of the Lubbock Unitarian Church. He loves everything about the sky, and flies his own plane, chases storms, uses an astronomical telescope, and has skydived.


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